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We are a 15mm Sci-Fi miniatures company with our newest set of 15mm Armored infantry, the Earth Federation 5th Special Activities Division, known by their unit nickname the "Hell Divers."

Hell Divers


Drop Pod by ThirdFateCreations

Drop Pod painted by ThirdFateCreations (http://thirdfatecreations.blogspot.com/)

ClearHorizon Miniatures Drop Pod

We have released the "Hell Divers" battle ride, the Direct Intervention Vehicle, also known as a drop pod! Able to hold six Hell Divers it gets them from vacuum to dirt in no time! Check out the "Drop Pods" category in the store!

Drop pod painted by Dwartist

Drop Pod painted by Dwartist (blog)


Made for Gruntz

ClearHorizon Miniatures and Gruntz Partnership!

ClearHorizon Miniatures is happy to announce a partnership with Gruntz 15mm Sci-Fi ruleset. ClearHorizon Miniatures will have the “Made for Gruntz” logo and come with unit cards in the box, making the miniatures ready for play with Gruntz. We also plan on more exciting plans and crossovers, so keep an eye out for special background stories and more! 

Of course, ClearHorizon Miniatures can be used in any setting, and Gruntz can be played with any miniatures, but we hope that this crossover will help inspire imaginations galaxy-wide!

Hell Diver

Federal Special Forces,

5th Orbital Activities Division: The "Hell Divers"

High Energy Landing - Direct Intervention Vehicle (HEL/DIV) Capable, fully-armored human special forces. Deployable by Earth Federation Council special approval, the "Hell Divers" are able to solve any problem, at any time, anywhere in the Galaxy.


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